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Zelena laguna
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Porec naturist guide (part of Croatia Naturally web site)

Zelena Laguna naturist beach
(sent on July 23, 2004)

Submitted by: Visitor, Croatia

Name of the beach: Zelena Laguna
Location of the beach: Zelena Laguna camp, Porec
How to get there: Camp Zelena laguna is easily accessible by car, but there is also regular boat transfer from Porec riva to the camp which departs every hour. Once you get off the boat, find the camp entrance (there are markings everywhere). The entrace fee for non-camp residents is app. 2 Euros. At the camp entrance there is a 'layout' of the camp (wouldn't call it a map) with marked naturist area. Simply proceed to the other end of the camp and you'll find the beach.

Facilities at the beach
Shower Toilete Restaurant Bar Water sports Sports Water
yes yes yes yes no no yes

Mark: 4 (1-lowest, 5-highest)

The beach is app. 200 meters long, rocky with some paved areas. There is also a considerable grass covered area where you can find some nice shade under the trees. The beach has its own showers, toilet and a small restaurant overlooking the beach, and it is also marked with a blue flag.
It is mainly populated by nearby camp inhabitants, which are mostly couples and families. The atmosphere was very nice and informal. There is only a possibility that the beach would be crowded in mid-season, but there are other nearby naturist beaches as well.

Visitor for this report.


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