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Beach Reports submition page

What is the difference between trip reports and beach reports?

Trip reports are personal travelogues. They can be written in a form of a story, reportage, short or long. If you would like to submit your trip report, please go to the Trip Reports page.
On the other way, beach reports are short, basic information about specific beach (description, how to get there, facilities at the beach etc... whatever you think it is important).

If you have experience from naturist beaches in Croatia, please send us your reports. To make it easier for you, here is a form you can fill out. If you have photos of the beach you would like to send, please send them to CN email. All fields are optional, but remember without a proper email address your reports can't be published here.
Thank you.


Submit your beach report

Just complete this form. Click on Submit when ready to send.

This is not a search engine. Use this form ONLY to send your beach reports.

Your name:

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Name of the beach:

Location of the beach:
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How to get there :
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Facilities at the beach:

Sport facilities
Water sport facilities
Drinkable water


Description of the beach. Please, type in few sentences about the beach (size,type-rocky,sandy, pebbles, attendance, general impressions... etc, whatever you think it is important):

If you like, you can rate the beach (1-5, highest mark 5, lowest mark 1) :


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