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Frequently asked questions (FAQ's)

Why come to Croatia?
Is naturism legal in Croatia?
When is the best time to come?
Is it safe over there?
Do I need any kind of membership?
Singles policy?
How about topless?
Clothing optional?
Are all naturist beaches listed here?


  • Why to choose Croatia for your naturist holiday?

As said before, Croatia has a long naturism tradition that goes way back in the early 20th century. For decades Croatia has been one of the favorite naturist destinations of western Europeans. Today there are more than 30 official naturist campsites, tourist villages, hotels, apartments, beaches and numerous more unofficial naturist bathing places.
If you like exclusive naturist resorts with full equipment Croatia is for you.
If you prefer unofficial, laid back naturist beaches, Croatia is for you.
If you are a nautical naturist Croatia is ideal for you. Today there are 41 marinas with all necessary accompanying facilities at its disposal.
And finally, if you prefer remote, secluded beaches, where you can be alone Croatia is for you again.
Croatia has more than 1000 islands, many beautiful bays and surely you can find a spot for you surrounded with pine forest and olive trees . Adriatic sea along Croatian coast is one of the cleanest seas in the World with translucent, azure color ideal for swimming, diving, boating...
But Croatia offers not only unspoiled nature and beauty. When you've done with sunbathing and swimming you can enjoy in small fishermen Mediterranean villages, ancient towns and monuments (does Dubrovnik ring a bell?), beautiful architecture , cultural events, entertainment, excellent food and wine and laid back atmosphere that everybody notice in Croatia. It is not surprisingly that author George Bernard Shaw called it "...a paradise on Earth...". So maybe next time when you think about your naturist vacation, think Croatia.

  • Is naturism legal in Croatia?

Yes, naturism is well accepted all along Croatian Adriatic coast. Except in official naturist beaches and resorts you can enjoy in many more unofficial and you don't have to worry about police or any other kind of harassment. Topless is very common on other (textile) beaches.
Maybe it is not unimportant to point out that naturist beaches aren't in remote hard to find areas. Most of them are usually just a walk away distance from centers of towns, villages or resorts. Many of the regular beaches have also a naturist section (usually at the end of the beach). So wherever you come, you can be sure there is a naturist beach too.

  • When is the best time to come?

In summer, of course! July and August are the warmest months when the sea temperature reaches up to 28 C (83 F). In that period most of the tourists come. If you prefer not so hot weather , maybe June and September are for you. Water is still warm, you will get plenty of sunshine and resorts are not so crowded. Swimming and sunbathing is also possible in May or October (if you are not afraid of a bit colder water).

  • Is it safe over there?

Croatia has survived some tragic years in the early 90's but Croatia's charms are largely intact. Most of the areas popular with travelers emerged unscathed or have been restored since the war. Today Croatia is safe as any other country if not even more. It is very unlikely that you will experience any kind of violence. Crime level is very low and you will feel perfectly safe.

  • Do I have to be a member to get into naturist resorts?

Yes and no. In Croatia naturist resorts and beaches are open to everybody. You don't need INF-FNI or any other membership to get into naturist resorts. However, if you have one most resorts will give you a discount (5-15%). Also some naturist resorts (Koversada, Solaris...) require valid INF card from single men in order to get in the resort.

  • Are there any naturist singles friendly resorts?

Most of the Croatian naturist resorts are family oriented, but you don't have to worry, singles are welcome everywhere.

  • Is topless common in Croatia?

Yes, very much. In fact topless is practiced on every beach in Croatia and it is considered normal.

  • How about clothing optional beaches and resorts?

Most of the beaches in Croatia are clothing optional. Nude use is not allowed only on beaches in center of towns and villages. Most of the other beaches have sections for textile sunbathers and for naturists. Naturist part is usually at one side of the beach, but not very far and there are no fences between naturist and textile sections. Often you can see clothed people among nude ones and vice versa. Also, most of the naturist resorts are laid back and tolerate clothing optional policy.
Croatia has many coves and isolated beaches. Some of them are accessible only by boat. They are all clothing optional. People are relaxed, some wear swimsuits, some are nude and it seems everybody is happy with that. It is strictly up to you to.

  • Are all naturist beaches listed here?

It is almost impossible to list all of naturist beaches along Croatian Adriatic coast. Everywhere there are many little, hidden coves often used by naturist. Anywhere you come, you can be sure, naturist beach is somewhere in the vicinity. Still we'll continue adding naturist beaches to our listing as we find information. If you know naturist beach which is not listed here, please contact Croatia Naturally or go to the Beach Report section and send us your report by filling out little form. Thanks.


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