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Accommodation in Tisno and Murter

Murter naturist guide (part of Croatia Naturally web site)

Sv. Andrija naturist beach
(sent on Aug 20th, 2003)

Submitted by: Robert from Croatia

Name of the beach: Sv. Andrija (St. Andrew)
Location of the beach: Tisno-Jezera, the island of Murter
How to get there: The beach is in a walking distance from center of either Tisno or Jezera. If you are coming by car from the mainland, turn left after you pass the bridge in Tisno and follow the road along the sea. At the end of the road (at the last row of houses and the church of St. Andrew) park your car and walk in same direction for about 10-15 minutes. If you are coming from Jezera, turn left when you get to the center (marina) and drive left (to the east) as far as you can following the road along the sea. Park your car at the last row of houses or where the fishermen's boats anchor and walk in the same direction for about 10-15 minutes. Closer to Tisno and Jezera the beach is textile, and in the central part naturism is practiced.

The beach is located between Tisno and Jezera villages on the island of Murter. This is a 2,5 km long stretch of coastline. The central part of it, at about same distance from either Tisno or Jezera, is used by naturists. This is sort of a clothing optional beach, because naked people and those wearing swimsuits are mixed together.
There is a footpath all the way from Tisno to Jezera, which is paved closer to Tisno and pebbled closer to Jezera. In central part, where clothing optional beach is situated, footpath is somehow rough and it might be difficult for those with mobility problems.
The nature is absolutely beautiful, with several small coves, white stones, lush vegetation, blue sea and green islets that can be viewed from the beach.
The beach is rocky with few small pebbled areas. There aren't any facilities so you have to bring everything you need for a nice day in the sun. Entrance to the water in most places is not very easy, so bring with you some sort of sandals for water. The sea is perfectly clean and clear and it is made for swimming and snorkeling. There are some trees between the rocks right on the beach, providing nice shade, but those places are occupied early in the morning so make sure to show up early if you want them. Large part of the beach is completely shaded in the afternoon when the sun goes behind the hill and the woods at the back of the beach.
Usually there aren't too many people on the clothing optional section, so you can always find a quiet place for yourself, but quietness is often disturbed by many speed boats, yachts and jet-skies driving up and down the coast.
I would recommend this beach to anyone staying in Tisno or Jezera, but probably it is not worth traveling if you are staying in more further located places.

Facilities at the beach
Shower Toilete Restaurant Bar Water sports Sports Water
no no no no no no no

Mark: 3 (1-lowest, 5-highest)

Thanks Robert for this report.


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