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Accommodation in Zadar, Nin and Zaton

Zadar naturist guide (part of Croatia Naturally web site)

Sabunike (Zaton) naturist beach
(sent on Jul 7th, 2003)

Submitted by: M. from Croatia

Name of the beach: Sabunike
Location of the beach: Sabunike, near Zadar, North Dalmatia

I know the beach since I was a kid. And it's been always the same (for at least 15-20 years).
The beach is quiet and sandy, not particularly attractive. But not bad either. Perhaps the sand might remind someone of Ireland or NW France. But the sea is not the ocean, of course.
It is a kind of a beach you can rarely find in Croatia (almost the entire Croatian coast is rugged, rocky, with cliffs or strown with pebbles ...).
The beach is located very close to the popular and overcrowded tourist resort of Zaton, 15 km NW of Zadar and 3 km W of Nin. It is about 10 minutes walk from the tourist resort.
Sabunike is the name that originates from sand somehow (sabun, sabbia = sand). The beach has no facilities whatsoever. It is small but never overcrowded, almost intimate.
The vicinity of Zaton makes it attractive for those who want to experience nudism for just a brief moment or for the first time, as well as for those who used to come there before or those who stop by travelling farther south.
The area is rich in history and archeological findings dating pre-Roman and medieval centuries (ancient Aenona). However no one would guess or find anything intriguing in particular related to the subject, except maybe in Zadar. The past is waiting for better days to come.


Facilities at the beach
Shower Toilete Restaurant Bar Water sports Sports Water
no no no no no no no

Thanks M. for this report.


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