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Dubrovnik naturist guide (part of Croatia Naturally web site)

Beach of "Croatia" hotel, Cavtat

Name of the beach: beach of CROATIA Hotel
Location of the beach: CAVTAT town, south of Dubrovnik

Submitted by Nick Staveley Stanley from Coventry, United Kingdom, on Jul 27 2009

How to get there: From main hotel lobby go down in the lift to beach floor. Go out of hotel and the nudist terraces are just on your right.

Take a look at Cavtat map.

Facilities at the beach
Shower Toilete Restaurant Bar Water sports Sports Water
yes yes  no yes  no no yes 



Nude sunbathing terraces at the Hotel Croatia, CavtatThis is a very clean and tidy naturist venue. The concrete sunbathing terraces are large and built into the side of the sloping cliff. There are safety rails to prevent people slipping off the edge of the rocks and there are steps connecting all levels. At the bottom there are stainless steel steps into the sea which is a great place for naked snorkelling! A large swimming area has been cordoned-off with marker buoys so that boats and jet-skis cannot run over swimmers.

Nude sunbathing terraces at the Hotel Croatia, Cavtat Nude sunbathing terraces at the Hotel Croatia, CavtatThe sun sets out to sea and shines back onto the terraces so you can warm yourself in the evening sun until it sets on the horizon!

This is a good place to relax and get all of your naughty bits tanned without having to bother if people are staring at you! If you are on the outer terraces then onlookers cannot see you properly!

A beautiful place and an exceptional hotel!

Thanks Nick Staveley Stanley for this report and photos. More photos submitted by Nick here.
Nick's web site: www.pick-nick.biz

Submitted by visitor from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, in Aug 2007

How to get there: Enter the hotel in main entrance, enter the elevator, go to 1st floor, exit to te beachs and go 30 meters to the right.

Take a look at Cavtat map.

Facilities at the beach
Shower Toilete Restaurant Bar Water sports Sports Water
yes no no no no no no

Mark: 3


The beach is rocky, with betonic platforms. Beware of red flag which indicates strong wind and waves. The sea is clean, and the beach itself is clean too. There is only one entrance to the sea, and sometimes it is hard to exit if the waves are strong.

Thanks visitor for this report.

Submitted by: Noël, Paris, France on May 26th, 2000

How to get there: CAVTAT, Island SUPETAR (15 min boat ride from Cavtat)

Take a look at Cavtat map.

Facilities at the beach
Shower Toilete Restaurant Bar Water sports Sports Water
no no no no no no no

Mark: 5 (1-lowest, 5-highest)


Naturist beach, located on Supetar island just opposite Cavtat bay. There is a regular boat service from Cavtat harbor to this small island (some 15 minutes boat ride) . This naturist beach is bouldery (rocky).
Another (even better) naturist beach is located near the hotel "Croatia" in Cavtat itself. This is a rocky beach with plenty of sunshine and stone terraces, slowly plunging into the sea, very suitable for swimming. Of course it has all the facilities that comes with a near hotel, showers, cloakrooms, toilettes, restaurant etc. This year in July , my wife (Juillet) and I are returning to Cavtat for the 3rd consecutive year. But before Cavtat we'll spend a week on island Hvar.

Also in French

SUPETAR , c'est un petit ilot face a la baie de CAVTAT ," A regular boat service also operates to the small island of Supertar some15 minutes away (extrait brochure)" . Il y a une disco et une plage de rochers pour naturist. Toutefois la meilleure plage de CAVTAT se trouve pres de l'hotel CROATIA, c'est une plage de rocher avec terrasses aménagées et échelle d'acces a la mer , bien isolée , l 'eau est limpide et c'est tres agréable de nager . bien sur il y a tous les services de l'hotel , douche , toilettes , restaurants ..etc.. Nous y retournons cette année pour la 3eme année consécutive (juillet), mais avant nous passons une semaine sur l'ile de HAVAR.

Thanks Noël for this report.


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