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Koversada & Adriatic Sailing
by Nathaniel Brown from the USA

This report originaly from Net Nude , used here by permission of Nathaniel Brown. Visit Net Nude for more similar reports from around the world..

Croatia, August 1998

Last August and the beginning of September my 19 year-old son and I enjoyed a two-week stay in Croatia.

We started by meeting friends from the Slovene Ski Team, who had chartered a 52' sloop for a week. We cruised around the northern Adriatic near Losinj. What a magnificent area - and what a great place for naturism.

To begin with, no one on our boat had any trouble with nudity, though we were clothed most of the time. We swam in the most incredibly clear water, then showered nude on the deck, or swam ashore and sunbathed in the nude. One of the female skiers, Natasha, usually took the lead in taking clothes off - we Americans were a little unsure as to when it would be acceptable.

No worries: even on the clothed beaches in the area, it is common to see nude use, usually off to one side, but not very far, and with no problems at all. In several harbors we anchored in, other boats would come in with the entire crew/family nude, drop anchor, and swim to the beach nude, then go exploring. We anchored off one resort with a nude beach, and swam nude with the coach and his family.

It's wonderful cruising - but late summer weather can be tricky, and we did get some big blows. But those islands! Often largely uninhabited, or at least sparsely inhabited, the islands smell of wild thyme, and I have never seen such clean, clear water, except in mountain lakes.

A down side? Well, some of the leeward beaches had a lot of junk on them, and some of the more populated ones were messy, especially at the end of the season.

After a week on the boat we spent a further week at Koversada, in a small studio apartment. It's a lovely place, with lots of room, numerous restaurants, good swimming. However, a few words of advice: don't go for the meal package. The "package" restaurants are too full and not very good, and quite noisy. We took the breakfast package only, which was better, then ate the various restaurants for lunch and dinner. Prices are not bad. You can also buy food in the grocery store, which is small but adequate.

I'd like to go back earlier in the season, as things were starting to thin out by the time we were there, with school starting and the reliable weather over.

Two criticisms: too many people wear clothes too much of the time. One end of the resort, where there is tenting, seems to be more nude, but we did see a dissapointly large number of textiles. The other caution is that people tend to drive a bit fast inside the resort.

But we had a great time, and I'd like to get back to Koversada - and take another cruise!

Does anyone have some advice as to where to go in Europe where they don't wear clothes as much?

Thanks Nathaniel Brown for this report.


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