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Crvena Luka Map

Crvena Luka
Accommodation in Biograd

Zadar area naturist guide (part of Croatia Naturally web site)

Crvena Luka naturist beach
(sent on Aug 28th, 2004)

Submitted by: Robert from Croatia

Name of the beach: Crvena Luka
Location of the beach: Near Crvena Luka holiday resort, about 3km south of Biograd
How to get there: The beach is not very easy to find but after you finally reach it is worth the effort.
The beach is located about 300m north of Crvena Luka or 1km south of Kumenat beach in Biograd.
From the center of Biograd you can walk along the shore to the south, pass Drazica and Soline beach and finally after some 2 km you will reach Kumenat beach. Continue walking to the south, after Kumenat there is a dirt path all the way to Crvena Luka. This whole area between Kumenat and Crvena Luka is clothing optional. After some 1km of walking you will discover beautiful pebble and sandy bay near Crvena Luka. This is the place you're looking for.
You can also reach Kumenat by car. From Biograd follow signs for hotels Albamaris and Adria and campings Soline and Ljutic. After camping Ljutic continue driving, just follow the road and at the end of it there is an apartment village Kumenat. Park there and walk down to the beach. When you reach the beach turn left and walk along the shore using dirt path to reach Crvena Luka.
Crvena Luka resort (Blu Club) is owned by Italians and it is some sort of closed resort. If you drive along the old Adriatic highway (not new Zagreb-Split motorway), after some 3 km south of Biograd you will see a sign pointing you to Crvena Luka. If you turn there you will come to the entrance of Crvena Luka, but they will not let you in if you are not guest of the resort. But after turning from the highway to Crvena Luka, you will see a dirt road to the right. You can turn there and drive straight to the end of it and park your car there. After a short walk you will come to the shore just south of Kumenat. Then walk to the left (south) along the shore. But if you don't want your car to get all dusty I recommend the first option as described above - parking at Kumenat.
And finally you can reach this beach by boat as well, which is probably the most convenient way. I've also seen people coming with rented kayaks. You can rent a kayak on one of the Biograd's beaches (Drazica, Soline), pack some stuff with you, and paddle to Crvena Luka.

As already mentioned entire coastline between Kumenat and Crvena Luka is clothing optional. The shore is mostly pebbled and rocky with some shallow waters. There is usually not many people there and you can always find a quite spot if you prefer that. Entrance to the water is in most places rough, despite the shallow water, because some sharp pebbles and stones in the water. So bring with you some good plastic sandals.
But if you continue walking to the south you will reach the most beautiful sandy and pebbled bay. The bay is not large, maybe some 150m wide. The beach is pebbled and sandy but the shoal of the bay is entirely sandy. Water is extremely beautiful, warm and clean, perfect for swimming, snorkeling or playing in the shallow sandy bay. Bay is also visited by many yachts and motor boats. They anchor in the bay and owners usually stay nude on their boats.
At the both sides of the bay, shore is rocky with trees to provide shade. There aren't any facilities on the beach so bring with you everything you need.
This is one of the most beautiful clothing optional beach I've ever been and would recommend it to anyone who is staying in Biograd or surroundings. It is well worth a day visit even if you are staying further away, all the way between Zadar and Vodice.
What bothers me a little bit is the increase of textile sunbathers, year after year. I will never understand why are people going to known nude beaches and then keep their swimsuits on. But as this is not official naturist beach, more like clothing optional, everyone is free to choose to be with or without swimsuits. That is why I am appealing to all naturists staying in the area to visit this beautiful beach and help saving it as a naturist beach. Let's not allow textiles win!

Facilities at the beach
Shower Toilete Restaurant Bar Water sports Sports Water
no no no no no no no

Mark: 5 (1-lowest, 5-highest)

Thanks Robert for this report.


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