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Kristofor Travel Agency - Reisebüro from Rab: accommodation and various tourist info for the island.

The island of Rab is rightly referred to as the pioneer of naturism on the Adriatic. The month of August 1936 is frequently mentioned as the official beginning of naturism in Rab, i.e. when the English king Edward VIII stayed there and the Rab authorities allowed him and his wife to take a nude swim in the bay of Kandalora. The musicale "The King is Nude" is based on this story and it is performed in the "Komedija" theatre in Zagreb.
However it is certain that naturism on the island started long before that. The article "Trade in nakedness", published in the Austrian economic journal "Trend" no. 11/83 reports that the naturist beach in Rab was officially opened as early as at the transition to this century and that 50 beds in the hotels were reserved for naturists. The same article mentions that the first naturist beach in Rab was opened personally by Richard Ehrman, the president of the International Naturist Federation from Vienna in 1934. Naturism in Rab is also mentioned in the article of the Czech Josef Herman, in 1907 and of professor Günther in 1912, which proves that the Rab people had understood long ago the bright prospects of this movement which, at that time, was a very bold attitude.
Rab is one of the most densely wooded islands, has three hundred springs, and is a veritable botanical exhibition, with plants not native to the island. The Komrcar park, with its laurel, poplar, cypress, Indian fig-tree, rosemary, pine and hundred-year-old agave is now the pride of Rab.
The small town of Rab is encircled by medieval walls, Romanesque church towers, churches and palaces, stone streets and ancient facades. In summer, the streets and squares are turned into a huge gallery. Many painters exhibit their works, some of them self-styled, others who will soon exhibit in famous galleries around the world.

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Kandalora - naturist beach Map

KandaloraKandalora beach (sometimes reffered as English Beach or Engleska Plaza) , popular and well appointed naturist beach with a restaurant and sports facilities, is located on the southern side of the Frkanj peninsula (part of larger Kalifront peninsula), which is overlooking Palit, modern suburb of the town of Rab and can be reached by taxi-boats leaving from Palit's promenade. Lot of trees to provide shade.

In the vicinity of the Kandalora beach, in the Matovica bay, Suha Punta textile hotel complex is located with the beautiful seaside hotels Eva and Carolina. The hotel complex is sheltered from cold winds by a thick pine forest. Nearby there is a textile camping as well.

The western shore of the Kalifront Peninsula is studded with coves frequented by tourists with hydrofoils and sailboats, remaining there usually from morning to evening.

More info about Rab including accommodation offer


Sahara, Ciganka, Stolac - naturist beaches Map

LoparLopar is the northernmost place on the island and is the furthermost from the town of Rab (13 km). As a natural phenomenon, Lopar is a famous resort with twenty-two sandy beaches, shallow water suitable for small children, nonswimmers, older persons and persons suffering from rheumatism. Of the twenty-two beaches, three are nudists: Stolac, Sahara and Ciganka, close to the hotel complex San Marino, auto camp and many private accommodations.

Sahara Stolac Ciganka

http://www.lopar.com/LOPBENG.HTM check out this page about Lopar's beaches with photos

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Maman, Supetarska Draga - naturist beach Map

Maman beachMaman and Supetarska BaySupetarska Draga lies in the big bay, ornated by three green jewels: the small islands Maman, Sailovac and Sridnjak. These islets have attractive clean and protected sand beaches and coves as well as a rich undersea world of interest to sports fishermen and are often visited by people with boats. Of the three, Maman, which separates Supetarska Bay from the neighboring Kamporska Bay, is the biggest islet and the most popular with naturists. Quiet nice beaches can be found also along the Supetarska Bay shore.

More info about Supetarska Draga icluding accommodation offer


Mirine - naturist beach Map

Near Pudarica port and Barbat village, on the eastern side of the island, just after Jablanac-Misnjak ferry port, long gravel naturist beach is located. This is an official naturist beach marked on the plan of Barbat

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