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The islands of Cres and Losinj used to be one island, but very early the Romans separated them by a channel. The climate of Losinj is very mild, due to its forests among other things, so it has developed into a health resort. Many of Europe's crowned heads came here in search of health and vitality, among them the Austrian Emperor, Franz Joseph, Prince Rudolph, and the Austrian heir-apparent Franz Ferdinand. So the building of summer residences started as early as the last century. There are many reminders of the island's rich maritime past: strange vegetation brought from overseas, museums of sailing ships in Mali and Veli Losinj and rich island houses adorned with souvenirs of distant journeys.
Intersting note: Losinj's special feature is a colony of dolphins, and there are some 150 registered so far. Dolphins are one of the best indicators of the clean sea. Losinj was the first one in the Mediterranean to be proclaimed the dolphin reservation.

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Lošinj home page and another one here.
Detailed map of Losinj with footpaths trails.

Suncana Uvala - naturist beach

Suncana UvalaSuncana Uvala (Sunny cove) in the town of Mali Lošinj, naturist beach, 200m from "Vespera" and "Aurora" hotels and a large recreational and sport center of the name Veli Zal. It is a pebble and rocky beach with many small, sunny, pebble coves among rich Mediterranean vegetation. For naturists the most attractive coves are Cikat, Suncana Uvala (Sun Cove), Zlatna Uvala (Golden Cove) and Srebrna Uvala (Silver Cove). Very close to them are numerous other deserted bays ideal for nautical naturists and shy beginners. The Suncana Uvala (Sunny Cove) has often been described as a unique gift of nature. It is distinguished by its clear water and stone slabs scattered along the coast and around the strand surrounded by a dense, aromatic pine forest.

The island of Losinj has a very well marked network of tourist footpaths leading through makia and pine forests to many hidden coves that are just ideal for naturists. Detailed map of trails is available at free at local tourist offices or you can download a PDF file (250 kb) here.

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Some hiking suggestions with descriptions and many photos on this private home page (in German only)

More info about Mali Losinj including accommodation offer


Susak Island - naturist beaches Map

Susak is a small island (only 4 km/2) just west from island Losinj. The island, unique in the whole of the Mediterranean, is a geo-morphological phenomenon because it is made only from sand. The best way to get to know the island is to walk around it. The track is 11 kilometers long and runs along the shore. Wherever you stop you can have a swim. Most of the places are free for naturists. It takes a little over three hours to tour the island. There are no venomous snakes on the island or any other danger, for that matter. All you need to take on your walk is something to quench your thirst along the way. There are no roads or automobiles on the island, not only because the island is small but also because a road on the sandy soil would cause erosion. However, there is a sufficient number of interesting walking paths with stunning vistas opening to all four sides of the world.

More info about Susak including accommodation offer


Unije Island - naturist beach Map

UnijeOn the island of Unije, near the island of Lošinj, one can find many beautiful coves and bays ideal for naturists.
The only settlement of the same name, a typical fishing village adjoining a beach of almost 800m long, having 280 houses. There are no cars on island. Private room can accommodate about 50 guest on average to low prices. About 200 meter away from the beach and village, located on a flat plateau is an airfield.
http://www.unije.com (Croatian only)


Ilovik Island - naturist beaches

Ilovik is the southernmost inhabited island of the Lošinj archipelago with the village of Ilovik that has 170 inhabitants. The island is situated in a small bay protected from the north by the islet of St. Peter on which there is the local cementery. The sea is shallow from all sides with many secluded bays. The largest bay with a sandy beach is Parzine, located on the south-eastern part of the island and another sandy beach is on St. Peter’s islet.
Ilovik and St. Peter offer many opportunities for naturist sunbathing and swimming and are especially often visited by nautical naturists.


Orijule Island - naturist beach
On the small island of Orijule

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