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Lakes, streams, hills, fertile fields, meadows, woods and dense forests, numerous coves and inlets - sandy, pebbly, rocky; curative mud, a cave, old forest paths passing by archaeologic findings, kilometers of a seaside promenade, the bustling life of a summer day and the quietude of a secluded beach - there's a place for everyone seeking the sun or the shade of an ancient olive tree. Fifteen seaside settlements and seven tourist resorts offer accomodation in hotels (6 000 beds), private rooms/apartments (18 000 beds) and camping sites (12 000 units). "The Golden Island", as it was called by the ancient Romans, keeps its hidden treasures for you to explore.
Intersting note: The island of Krk has a special meaning for Croatia. For centuries it was the center of Croatian literacy and the cradle of the Croatian language. The Baska Tablet (Bascanska ploca), one of the oldest Croatian written documents, is evidence of it.

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Krk home page and another one here.

Politin - auto camping

PolitinNaturist auto camp and the beach Politin, located 1km from the beautiful town of Krk on the island of the same name. It has beautiful settings and facilities for memorable camping. There is a small grocery shop and a restaurant. Also safe moorings for boats. Capacity: 800.
T: +385 52 465 010
F: +385 52 451 440
E-mail: camping@valamar.com
Web: Naturist Camping Politin

Politin Politin

Google map

Coast east from the camping has several beautiful coves used by naturists.

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Tomazevo - naturist beach

Tomazevo FKK beach Krk
This is an official naturist beach located in the immediate vicinity of the naturist camping Politin, south of the town of Krk. The beach is small, but a very pleasant one. It is made of pebbles and concrete platforms with many trees to provide shade. There are showers, waste bins and beach chairs for rent. It is accessible by car using the dirt road which starts just before the entrance to the Politin camping.

Google map

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Drazica - naturist beach

DrazicaIt is a pebble and stone beach in the vicinity of the hotel "Drazica" and Politin naturist camping, in Krk town.



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Banculuka, Baska - auto camping and the beach Map

BanculukaA wealth of unspolled nature stretches from Baška town, island Krk, to the bay called Vela Luka. This series of beautiful bays is accessible from the sea. In one of them, Bunculuka Bay, the Bunculuka Naturist Camp is situated. It is equipped and divided up to accommodate about 1400 campers, whille the exuberant pine woods, Mediterranean vegetation and indentedness of the camp make it specially attractive. A specially secluded FKK unit, the camp has its own reception, moneychnger, shop, restaurant, fast food kiosk, small market, fruit nad vegetable sales, an adequate number of sanitary facilities and every that is essential for this kind of holliday. Reservations of sites can be made in FKK Bunculuka, and caravans can be left the whole year round. The sporting facilities (tennis, miniature golf, volleyball) can be used in it make the camp particulary attractive.
JablanovaThe camping has a beautiful small pebbly beach, and three other nice coves and pebbly beaches (Jablanova, Storisce or Mala Vrzenica and Vela Vrzenica) can be found in walking distance from the camp or from Baska (to Vrzenica it is about 3km or 45 minutes by foot from Baska along the coast to the east).
mail: fkk-bunculuka@ri.t-com.hr

Banculuka Mala Vrzenica Vela Vrzenica

Google map

Web: http://www.hotelibaska.hr

Baška home page

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Konobe, Punat - auto camping and the beach

KonobeThis naturist camp and a beach is located only 4km from the town of Punat and a hotel complex also called Punat. Maybe it is more known under the name of "Acapulca". On 25ha it can accommodate 1500 guests. It is ideal for water sport and nature lovers. Recently has been totally renovated. Grill restaurant, Polynesia grill, Market, tennis and Volleyball fields.
email: konobe@ri.t-com.hr


Google map

Web: http://www.hoteli-punat.hr

51521 Punat, Krk
phone. +385 (0) 51 854-036
fax. +385 (0) 51 854-101

Punat Home Page

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Njivice - naturist beach

NjiviceLocated in the town of Njivice in the immediate closeness to well equipped textile auto camping "Njivice" which can accommodate 2500 guests. Walk along the coast, eneter the camping and continue untill the end of it. There you will find a fence with a passage to the nude beach. The shore is very rocky with somehow difficult access to the water.

Google map

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Omisalj - naturist beach

Located near the town of Omišalj.

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Malinska - Paradise Way naturist beach

Malinska Paradise Way naturist beachThis clothing optional beach is located along the Paradise Way promenade which starts at the Haludovo tourist complex. It is mostly a rocky beach with a few pebble areas and a lot of trees to provide shade.

Malinska home page.

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Google map

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