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The coastal area of Vrsar, reaching from Valkanela in the north to the Lim Channel in the south, offers all sorts of accommodation: comfortable hotels, tourists apartments, campsites and private houses.
The Vrsar archipelago consisting of 18 islets is a perfect natural scenery for you to create your own movie and your enjoyment.
Interesting note: In the year 1961 the first modern naturist centre on the Adriatic was opened on the islet Konversada. It was the same islet on which two centuries earlier the famous Venetian adventurer Giacomo Casanova spend some time. In the course of years Konversada grew to one of the largest naturist centres in Europe.

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KoversadaArea of 120ha for 7000 guests. This naturist resort is probably the most famous in Europe, it is one of the biggest and it was founded in 1961. Many naturists from all over the world come every year to Koversada in search for nature paradise, warm climate and crystal clear and clean sea. In 1972 Koversada hosted Naturist World Congress. Within the center there are numerous restaurants and snack bars, a pizzeria, two mini-markets and various shops, post office, ambulance and gas filling station, laundry and other amenities. Sports facilities include water sports, table tennis, tennis courts, volleyball and basketball playgrounds. Part of the camping is located on an small car-free islet connected by the bridge with the mainland. Camping advance booking is possible. Apartments and pavillons (2-6 persons) are located in the resort's part called "Blesicka". The beach is rocky and in some parts sand and pebbles have been brought.
Singles are welcome, but entrance to single men is allowed only with INF card or with a card of a national organization which is a member of INF
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