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Rovinj is an important centre on the Western coast of Istrian region (cca. 15.000 inhabitants).
When you go up to the Old Town that is squeezed on a narrow peninsula, when you walk through its steep meandering lanes, cobbled squares and campiellis, you enter the centuries past by. This ancient settlement (3rd centuny) was first mentioned by, Anonymous of Ravenna at the beginning of 8th century.
The Rovinj coastal area is very well articulated with numerous bays, creeks, and capes. There are places of great natural and ecological value: forest park Punta Corente-Muntrav, St. Andrea's archipelago, the Palud marsh, the Limski kanal Fjord, and Monfiorenzo cave. Along the coast, with a markedly Mediterranean flora and fauna, a sup-Mediterranean climate with a moderate humidity level prevails.
Interesting note: Jules Verne, the father of science fiction, in search of unique places for his novels, chose Rovinj as a setting for some chapters of his novel "Mathias Sandorf".

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Excellent Rovinj beach guide (including naturist spots) with photos, maps and descriptions
Rovinj accommodation

Valalta- auto camping, apartments, pavillons and the beach Map

ValaltaNaturist resort Valalta with its 47ha has a capacity for about 4000 guests. It is one of Europe's oldest naturist resorts (1968). In the picturesque landscape of wine gardens and cultivated fields Valalta offers accommodation in bungalows and apartments (2-7 persons), camping places, situated 50 - 300 m from the 5 km long pebble and stone beach. For boat owners there is the sports harbor (Marina).
It is positioned in the Limski Kanal (Lim Channel), 7km from Rovinj. Facilities: swimming pools with sea water, restaurants, pizzeria, bar, sauna, massage, tennis courts, mini golf, biking, soccer, volleyball courts, water sports and more. Organized excursions to Venice (Italy) and Postojna Cave (Slovenia).
Valata naturist camping has been awarded in 2003 by the Croatian Chamber of Economy and Croatian Television as the best overall camping resort in whole of Croatia.

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Monsena- auto camping, bungalows, apartments and the beach Map

Important: As of 2005 Monsena is no longer naturist resort and it goes by different name: Amarin

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Polari - Punta Evia - auto camping and the beach Map

Punta EviaNaturist auto camp 3 km away from Rovinj with capacity for 5800. It is part of a textile auto camp Polari which won the best Europe's autocamp award from the Dutch auto club. Polari graciously spreads on an area of 60 ha and on 2 km of coast. Within the camp there is a picturesque little cove with a slipway, a restaurant, a sea-food restaurant, a snack bar, a supermarket, the butcher's and an aperitif bar. It is well provided with sanitary facilities, showers, sanitary facilities for disabled, wash-basins with hot and cold water, electricity connections, discharge-containers for chemical toilets and showers for dogs. Nearby is the tourist settlement Villias Rubin with a wide range of sports and leisure facilities available to the guest of the camping site. The beach is shingle.
Camping is open from 1st of April untill 30th of September. Singles are welcome.
CCI members are granted 5% reduction and INF members are granted 10% reduction (one discount excludes the other one).
Entry ticket for those who are not guests of the camp and would like to visit for a day is charged 20 Kuna (that's about 2.7 EUR) - 2003 price.
In season: tel. ++385.52.801.501 / fax. ++385.52.811.395
Office: tel. ++385.52.800.376 / fax. ++385.52.813.497
E-mail: polari@jadran.tdr.hr
Web: http://www.istra.com/jadranturist

Aditional information about the beach: http://www.rovinj.info/eng/plaze/polari.asp


Villas Rubin - naturist beach Map

This naturist beach is a part of the textile tourist complex "Villas Rubin" built in traditional Istrian style. 3km away from Rovinj and right next to Polari - Punta Eva camping. Lots of sport and other facilities in the textile section.

Additional information about the beach:


Crveni Otok - naturist beach Map

Crveni Otok - The Red IslandLocated on the island Crveni Otok (Red Island), 15 minutes boat ride from Rovinj. The Red Island is really a piece of earthly paradise, a summary of everything astonishingly beautiful adorning Rovinj and its fascinating surroundings. By a magical game of nature - through a fanciful story - ennobled by the human hand, this pearl surrounded by the sea put together two tied islets - St. Andrea and Maškin. The fact of more than 180 kinds of various plants growing there witnesses the richness of the nature's gift.
Textile hotel Sol Club Istra (****) is located on the St. Andrea island with many sport and other facilities. The other island, Maskin, is a naturist island where you can walk around naked, enjoy the sun on the rocky beach or shade under the pine trees. The island is covered with lush pinewoods, it has idyllic bays and a nice cape with rocky beaches. On the island there is an attractive terrace and al Carte restaurant, showers on the beach and volleyball court.

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Additional information about Red Island beaches:

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Vestar - naturist beach Map

VestarVestar naturist beach is a part of the textile auto camp Veštar, at 3km distance from Rovinj. Autocamp has a capacity for 5800 guests and a sandy beach in the central part of the bay. Naturist beach is located in the western part of the bay.

Additional information about the beach:

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Sv. Katarina - naturist beach Map

This beach is located on the western end of the islet of Sv. Katarina (St. Catherine), only 5 minutes boat ride from Rovinj. There one can stay in the textile hotel and depandance "Katarina" with sport and other facilities. Taxi boats for Katarina islet depart from Rovinj harbor.

Additional information about the beach:

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Punta Corrente / Zlatni Rt / Golden cape - naturist beach Map
This beach is close to a very popular 4 star Meliá Eden Hotel, only 400m from downtown Rovinj and near the "Zlatni rt" - "Punta Corrente" (Golden Cape) park. Many naturists also visit Skaraba bay in the park - see the map. The beach is rocky with few shingle coves. No facilities at the naturist beach.

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Additional information about Punta beaches:

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Kolone - naturist beach, Bale-Valle Map

Kolone beachBale is a small town, enclosed within the walls of the medieval castle, located about 13 km south from Rovinj and 20 km from Pula. On the west, the territory of Bale stretches down to the sea, covering a 6km coastal belt which extends from the promontory of Barbariga to Garzota.
On the Bale riviera there are numerous unofficial naturist beaches, especially near small auto campings Kolone (Colone, Colonea) and San Pol.


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