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More than 2000 years old town of Zadar is situated on a long peninsula, spreading over the sea, so that it seemed to the poet that lader was running towards the sea. Many promenadors on the shore have a feeling they are on board the starboards of which are being laved by the waves carried by the warm zephyrus. Zadar is a town on the seaside!

Zadar home page and another one here
Zadar accommodation

Punta Skala, Petrcane - naturist beach Map

Punta SkalaNear the village of Petrcane 5 km north of Zadar. Punta Skala is a densely wooded peninsula where you can find a hotel, bungalows and appartments. Fishing village Petrcane is filled with restaurants and dalmatian "Konobe" where you can enjoy fresh fish and sea food. Regularly operating buses bring you to Zadar with its lively old town.
Punta Skala was once a popular naturist resort, but in the 1989 management decided to transform it into a textile resort.
But still, there is one part of the beach reserved for naturists and it is located near Planika Apartments. It is a rocky and gravel beach. Beside showers, all other facilities are located in the textile part.

Punta Skala — Petrcane,
Vlahe Paljetka 3,
Tel: 385 23 364-111

More info about Petrcane including accommodation offer


"Sovinje", Pasman Island - naturist camping Map



On the south coast of the island of Pasman is the car camping for naturist "Sovinje" with two sandy beaches. It's in a nice pine wood, 2 Km from the small fishing village Tkon. Up to 250 people can stay in the camping, which is provided with electric current and running water, a good number of toilets and showers, a bar and a mini-market. You can have boat trips of one day or more (to Krka Falls and Kornati Island). If you love sport and entertainment, you can choose among table-tennis and beach volley.
Camping is open from April untill September. INF members are granted 5% reduction and long-time guests additional 5%. There is additional discount depending on number of days staying at the camping.
Entry ticket for those who are not guests of the camp and would like to visit for a day is charged 4-6 EUR depending on the season - 2004 price.

Google map

JKU "Prvenj"
23212 Tkon, Otok Pasman

Email: prvenj@zd.htnet.hr
tel: ++ (0)23-285-542, ++(0)23-285-295
tel/fax: ++(0)23-285-304
Reception: ++ (0)98-314-045 (mobile)

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More info about Tkon including accommodation offer



Dugi Otok Island - naturist beaches Map

Dugi Otok (Long Island) is the largest island in the Zadar archipelago. It is 45 km long, has many solitary beaches and coves and represents ideal place for all those seeking for peace and tranquillity and especially those interested in long walks in unpolluted environment. Specially interesting is the nature park Telascica, the largest natural harbor on the Adriatic islands, a nature park and the habitat of the mouflon. One of the Park's attractions is the salt water lake Mir (Peace).
SaharunIsland Dugi Otok beaches are different from one area to another; in the area of village Sali, the largest village on the island, there are mainly rocky beaches with stone terraces and cliffs and pinewoods. There are also some Saharunsandy beaches accessible only with boats and one beautiful beach of white sand (Saharun) on the northwest part of the island reachable by car as well. Nearby is the Pantera bay with sandy beaches. Naturism is practiced almost everywhere except the beaches near by villages.

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More info about Sali including accommodation offer


Silba Island - naturist beaches Map

Island of Silba is situated in Zadar archipelago, south-east of Island Mali Lošinj, between the neighboring islands of Olib on the East and Premuda on the West. Island of Silba if full with rich vegetation and beautiful little sandy or gravelled bays which are very important for a pleasant vacation in the untouched nature but also for development of nautical tourism.There are no roads for cars or motorcycles on Silba, so peace and quiet help you to relax and enjoy every second of your vacation . That is one of the reasons why Silba attracts tourists. The other reason is Adriatic sea because of its incredible clearness and warmness during the summer. You can't find any hotels in Silba so tourists usually stay at apartments. Silba became famous for its therapeutic healing of women with fertility problems.
Silba offers many opportunities for naturist sunbathing and swimming, but there are no official naturist camps.

Countless other naturist beaches can be find on islands Olib, Premuda, Ist, Molat, Iz , Rava and Vir.

More info about Silba including accommodation offer


Jelenica, Ugljan Island - naturist beach Map

Sabusa"Jelenica" naturist beach is located near the Kukljica village in the north-east of the Ugljan island. It is an attractive rocky beach with sandy bottom shaded by centuries-old pines. Jelenica and the neighbouring textile beach Sabusa are in 10-15 minutes walking distance from Kukljica.

Other beaches on the island of Ugljan:
In many hidden coves and wild beaches you can enjoy freedom of naturism. If you decide to visit by boat the uninhabited islands of : Idula, Paranak and Tri sestrice, your naturist experience will really be complete.


More info about Kukljica including accommodation offer


Rutnjak, the island of Iz - naturist beach Map

Rutnjak isletIz (another site here) is an island in Zadar archipelago (12 nautical miles from Zadar), ideal holiday spot for anyone searching for peace and quiet. Veli Iz is its main center with several restaurants, bars, small marina and shops. There are plenty private accommodation available, as well as Korinjak Hotel (Tel: +385 (0)23 277 024, Fax: +385 (0)23 277 248).
Iz is accessible by ferry from Zadar.
From Veli Iz regular taxi boats bring you to the naturist islet of Rutnjak.


More info about Veli Iz including accommodation offer


Kozarice, Pakoštane - naturist beach

KozaricaKozarica naturist beach is located in the Pakostane town 500 from the tourist settlement Kozarica. It is a pebble beach.
Pakoštane is a beautiful little town 24km south of Zadar.

More info about Pakostane including accommodation offer


Crvena Luka, Biograd - naturist beach Map

Crvena LukaCrvena Luka (Red Harbor) textile resort, is situated in a large sandy cove, 5km south of Biograd. The whole resort consisting of a hotel, apartments and a camping site offers accommodation to more than 2000 guests. Lot's of sport and other facilities. The local beach ranges from fine sand to small pebbles and is protected from the wind and waves of the sea. Naturist beach is located at north side of the cove.


Google map

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More info about Biograd including accommodation offer


Sveta Katarina, Biograd - naturist beach Map

Sveta Katarina (St. Catherine) is a small islet just opposite Biogard. It is a completely naturist islet with rocky beaches and lot of trees to provide shade. Taxi boats are leaving from Biograd seaside promenade.
Once the crown city of Croatian kings today Biograd on sea is a well-known tourist and nautical center as well as the center of the Riviera that goes by its name.

More info about Biograd including accommodation offer


Sabunike and Zaton - naturist beaches Map

SabunikeSabunike and Zaton are small villages located about 15 km (Sabunike) and 10 km (Zaton) north of Zadar and just few kilometers from Nin, the oldest Croatian royal town. This area has some beautiful sandy beaches, several of them often used by naturists.
Sabunike: South of Sabunike there is a main textile beach, and north of the village, about 10 minutes of walking, there is a beautiful sandy naturist beach.
Zaton: Just 10 minutes of walking north of popular Zaton Holiday Village (camping, apartments) one can find several naturist sandy coves. These beaches are ideal for those who are staying in this textile resort and wants to enjoy naturist sunbathing and swimming.

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