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Holiday In Hvar - Personal home page with first hand excellent info on Hvar (accommodation, where to eat and drink, what to do, where to swim - including Jerolim and Palmizana islands).
Detailed map of the island of Hvar can be found here (large file).
Did you know Hvar was rated by Conde Nast Traveler Magazine as one of the 10 most beautiful islands in the world? Read the article HERE.
The island of Hvar is the longest Adriatic island. It has plenty of lavender fields, olive groves, and vineyards. Hvar is, no doubt, an exceptional island, both in summer and winter. Due to its mild winter climate and rich subtropical vegetation, it has also been called the Croatian Madeira. An average of 2724 hours of sunshine per year makes Hvar one of the sunniest places in Croatia.
Interesting note: Europe's oldest community theater was founded here in 1612.

Hvar home page and another one here.

Pakleni Otoci Map

Excursion spots on Pakleni Otoci (Resin Islands). The Pakleni Otoci are the most beautiful part of the Hvar riviera, if not of the whole Dalmatian coast. A cluster of wooded islands immersed in a translucent, azure sea, numerous bathing places, a myriad of small, secluded beaches, stone terraces facing the sun and beautiful deserted coves make up, as somebody said, an "arcadia within reach". The favorite excursion spots are (from east to west): Jerolim and Stipanska beaches, where clothing-optional sunbathing isn't really an option -- total tanning is de rigueur.
The coast is mostly rocky but there are also many small coves with shingle/sandy beaches.
Numerous other naturist beaches can be found all along the islands. All of the Paklina islands are clothing optional.
Camping is forbidden throughout Pakleni.

Good information about Pakleni HERE.

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More info about Hvar including accommodation offer


Jerolim - naturist beach Map

Jerolim beach JEROLIM - FKK (naturist beach) On the island of Jerolim (named after a 15th-century church which has since disappeared), directly opposite Hvar town, there is a well-known and long-established naturist beach, equipped with showers and a shop. Restaurant: Jerolim. The busiest area is around jettie but further away one can find many isolated places. A boat runs several times a day from Hvar harbor. Boats are leaving at about every half hour or so from 9am-1pm, returning at half hour intervals between 4pm and 6pm. Same goes for Stipanska. For further islands (Palmizana) boats are leaving hourly in the morning.

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More info about Hvar including accommodation offer


Stipanska and Mlin - naturist beaches Map

STIPANSKA - FKK (naturist beach) This beach, located on the island of Marinkovac, part of Paklina archipelago, is reserved for naturists, equipped with showers and a shop. Restaurant: Stipanska. A boat runs several times a day from Hvar harbor.
Mlin beach, next to the Stipanska beach, the island of Marinkovac.

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More info about Hvar including accommodation offer


Palmizana - naturist beaches Map

Palmizana is a part of the Paklina archipelago south of the island of Hvar. Bathing season lasts there from Easter to November. On Palmizana you can freely cast your clothes away – nudism has a tradition on Palmizana, where you can be undisturbed in one of the island's many lonely coves.
Palmizana is located on the southeastern part of the Sv. Klement island, Paklina archipelago.

More info about Hvar including accommodation offer


Milna - naturist beach Map

Naturist beach (shingle/rocky) in vicinity of Milna.
Milna is a small village on the southern coast of the island with about 20 households and 90 inhabitants, not far from the town of Hvar (4km). Milna is a popular excursion spot, where you can enjoy in shingle and rocky beaches and several restaurants, taverns and pizza places.
From the town of Hvar, you can reach it walking by a coastal path, which is a bit overgrown, but offers discovering many picturesque sunny coves along the way. Another option is the road route from Hvar to Milna with spectacular views. Beside taking a bus or renting a car or moped, this route is suitable for bikes as well. It is a very comfortable ride. And finally, you can go by taxi boat service which operates in the summer, leaving Hvar at about 10,00h and returning from Milna at about 17,00h.
Detailed map of the island of Hvar can be found here (large file).

More info about Milna including accommodation offer


Nudist - auto camping, Glavica naturist beach Map

Nudist a/cAuto camp Nudist near Vrboska village with 2.5ha for about 420 naturist guests. "Nudist" is a paradise for all naturists with its own beach, small restaurant, grocery shop, modern sanitary equipment and sport facilities near by. If you like windsurfing, this camping is the place for you because there good winds especially on afternoons. Nudist camping is located right across Bol on the island of Brac, which is a famous for windsurfing.
tel. +385 21 774034 fax +385 21 774187

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In immediate closeness to Nudist camping, Glavica - a small peninsula is located with quiet beaches often used by naturist and textile sunbathers as well.
Vrboska info page.

More info about Vrboska including accommodation offer


Mlaska - auto camping, Sucuraj Map

Mlaska "Mlaska" camping (naturist and textile sections) is situated 4km from the village of Sucuraj, in a sandy bay called Mlaska. Mlaska bay consists of two bays: Mala Mlaska and Velika Mlaska. In Mala Mlaska (Small Mlaska) naturist part of the camp is situated and in Velika Mlaska (Big Mlaska) textile part. Both parts of the camp have their own sandy beach (sea shoal is sandy, concrete platforms on the beach), ideal for children. The camp has sanitary facilities, electricity connections and the restaurant. In the textile part there are also some bungalows.
Camping is open from 1st of May untill 30th of October. Singles are welcome.
INF members are granted 5% reduction.
Entry ticket for those who are not guests of the camp and would like to visit for a day is charged 1 EUR per person and 2 EUR per car - 2003 price.

Camping Mlaska home page
tel. +385 98 211 997
fax +385 21 773371
E-mail: mlaska@mlaska.com

Sucuraj is a small and peaceful town, a place on the east cape of the island Hvar. The population of 400 people exists by tourism and fishing. The town has a hotel, car-camp, private vacancy and about 10 tourist objects (restaurants, caffe-bars, a taverna, ice-cream shop...). Being a small place with more than 20km long coast line, it has numerous small caves, completely naturally preserved, where one can find peace and enjoy total privacy.

Sucuraj home page

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More info about Sucuraj including accommodation offer


Zecevo - naturist beach Map

Zecevo isletNaturist beach on Zecevo island is open in high season and is a 15 minute taxi boat ride from the town of Jelsa on the island of Hvar. Nice pebble beaches and pine woods to provide shade.

Jelsa home page.


More info about Jelsa including accommodation offer


Zavala - naturist beach Map

Between villages of Zavala and Sv. Nedilja, on the southern side of the island.

More info about Zavala including accommodation offer


Zavala - naturist beach Map

Naturist beach near Stari Grad, located 1km west of Helios hotel complex.

More info about Stari Grad including accommodation offer

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