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Badija map


Accommodation in Korcula


Korcula naturist guide (part of Croatia Naturally web site)


Name of the beach: Badija
Location of the beach: Badija island, near Korcula town, the island of Korcula

Submitted on Aug 14, 2007 by: Brian Lloyd, Merseyside, England

How to get there: On the opposite side of the island from the taxi boat landing stage. It involves a pleasant 10 minute walk beneath shady pine trees.

Facilities at the beach
Shower Toilete Restaurant Bar Water sports Sports Water
no yes yes yes no yes no

Mark: 3 (1-lowest, 5-highest)

We visited Badija on 5 ocassions in early August mainly because it was so accessible from our resort at Bon Repos or Korcula Town. The first few visits I rated this area ideal for going naked but later in the week it became very crowded with textiles and it felt a bit uncomfortable.
There are only a few places which are flat enough to be called a beach and these soon can get occupied by textiles.

Thanks Brian Lloyd for this report.

Submitted on November 24, 2003 by: Bronze Buns, USA

How to get there: Take one of the regular taxi boats to the island from the dock on the east side of the walled city of Korcula. Once you arrive walk to the café and restrooms; the FKK beach starts just around the first corner.

Facilities at the beach
Shower Toilete Restaurant Bar Water sports Sports Water
n/a yes n/a yes n/a n/a n/a

Mark: 4 (1-lowest, 5-highest)

The length of the beach traveling north is made up of very rough shingles with a smooth concrete dock towards the end of the beach. Around the next corner to the west is a pebble (large) beach that is more comfortable than the previous beach but is a little more crowded and the sun dips into the trees in the afternoon. The beaches are almost exclusively naturalist couples and individuals; very comfortable.

Thanks Bronze Buns for this report.

Submitted on August 1, 2002 by: Naj, UK

How to get there: By boat from Korcula 15 mins. When arrive at jetty walk right and 10 mins past the beach bar.

Facilities at the beach
Shower Toilete Restaurant Bar Water sports Sports Water
n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a

Mark: 4 (1-lowest, 5-highest)

This is a small Island 15 mins by boat from Korcula. It has a lovely small FKK beach 15 mins walk from the basic beach bar at the jetty. Great for swimming and snorkelling. Mostly habited by couples all natur,
around 24 each day or less. The occasional textile would arrive and join us? Never quite worked why they do that.
Pebble beach, great clear water for swimming. Friendly atomsphere.

Thanks Naj for this report.

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