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Red Island beach
FKK in Rovinj
Rovinj tourism

Rovinj naturist guide (part of Croatia Naturally web site)

Maskin Island, near Rovinj, Croatia
(or: "The only Thomson holiday hotel with a nude beach??")

by Mark from Suffolk, UK

Looking through the brochures and internet for a holiday hotel that would have good activities for our two kids (boy 14 & girl 12), I discovered Hotel 'Sol Club Istra' on an island off Rovinj in Croatia. To my surprise, the 'small print' stated it was "300 metres from the naturist beach".

I have not been on any nudist holidays as such, but am happy to be naked in my garden when the weather is fine, so I thought this would be a good way to gently introduce myself and family to more general nudity. I am delighted I did, and recommend it 100% to others who like me could not have persuaded my wife and children to 'go on a nudist holiday'.

It is a wonderful location with a very relaxed atmosphere, and you can be nude or not whichever you choose. I am very surprised it seems so unknown in the UK. And very reasonably priced, too.


Rovinj and Maskin
Aerial photo of Maskin (foreground) with Rovinj top right distance.

Rovinj itself is a delightful small resort, very much unspoilt.
Resort website

The Hotel Sol Club Istra is on a small pair of islands, each ~1km long, joined by a short causeway. It is a 15min boat trip from the resort centre, boats every hour. The hotel has all you would expect of a major resort hotel, in particular excellent food. Hotel website

The islands are rocky, with no beach apart from a small stretch outside the hotel itself, but the rocks are flat and extensive, and give many opportunities for sunbathing. The sea is stunningly clear, and full of all types of fish for the snorkellers to watch.

The main island (Crveni Otok, Red Island) is non-nude, and the smaller Maskin Island is entirely naturist. On walking across the causeway, you meet a sign showing "FKK" and two pictures: one a crossed-out bikini and the other a crossed-out camera. I was not sure if this meant to imply that the island was strictly nudist, or just that you should not photograph nudists!

West tip
West tip of Maskin Island, with Sol Club Istra hotel behind.

Anyway, in practise it was "clothing optional", with some 'textiles' spreading across the causeway from the hotel beach area - this seemed sensible as this part of the island was in full view of the beach and marina. But 100 metres further on most people were nude, and overall I guess the nude ratio was 70-80%. A few retained costumes elsewhere on the island, but usually they were 1-2 from a larger nude family group. No-one minded - in fact the whole atmosphere of Maskin Island was totally laid back. The other point which pleasantly surprised me was the age range - all ages from small children to pensioners, but with a majority in the 20-40 age group, I guess. In the height of August it was well populated but not crowded, always somewhere to lay out and soak up the sun.

Storm damage Maskin
Some storm damaged trees on eastern end.
Most of Maskin, showing snack-bar in centre.

There are still trees for shade, though we were told the island was badly hit by a mini tornado earlier this year - many trees on the eastern end were flattened but the other side was less affected (see the accompanying pictures). It must have been even more beautiful before, and no doubt nature will restore the full vegetation soon.

Finally, there is a sizeable snack-bar/ restaurant on the island too, with wonderful views.

Our visits:

My wife snorkelling.

Day 1: The children went to the activities club, and I asked my wife if she was happy to visit the nude island - a bit to my surprise she said OK, and was soon stripped off in the sun with me (she is a bit self conscious about her body, but I am sure less so after this holiday). A bit later she was swimming & snorkelling nude as if she did so all the time, and not a bit bothered by other people nearby. I too found the whole atmosphere seemed to make it very natural to strip off totally - I went back there most days after that.

Day 2: Took a boat trip along the coast. Passed Monsena and Valalta resorts on the way, which looked like very pleasant spots too, but further from the towns.

Day 3: Wife & daughter went on an excursion so I took my 14yo son to the nude section for the first time, and was interested to see his reactions to public nudity. He didn't want to strip off, and I did notice his eyes almost pop out at first when two very attractive young ladies parked themselves naked near us! But he soon became more interested in the fish & underwater-life he could study with a snorkel, than nude bodies around us. (We ended up having a long conversation with a naked Austrian couple, about a sea urchin he had found!) In all, I was delighted that he took it in his stride, without much embarrassment.

That's me, sunning on the East of the island. Red island behind.

Day 5: All four of us went to Maskin island, though my 12yo daughter was pretty reluctant (she gave a good impression of a puritan preacher at times!). But after I assured her she could stay clothed, and that there were other children her age there, she decided to come with us. She kept her costume on, grumbling occasionally about having to look at the naked bodies! So did my son and wife (who was more reluctant to strip off with the children around than with strangers). So I was the 'odd-one-out' this time. But we all enjoyed a few hours in the sea and on the rocks. I hope the visit helps my daughter lose some of her inhibitions in her own time.

Day 6: Hired a small boat from the hotel and went to the national park on the mainland opposite the hotel. No nudity here, but it was very busy (public holiday) - I understand that nudity is well tolerated almost anywhere along this coast. On the way back we went all round both islands - another interesting point (to me): none of the nudists were slightly bothered about boats passing by, apart from the wash created by the larger ones.

Day 7: Coach left at 4pm, so time for one last session on Maskin's rocks, then a quick shower and back to catch the ferry from the hotel. Now WHY didn't I book for 2 weeks?

From: Mark, Suffolk, UK
Email for more info: mark@hawksfarm.freeserve.co.uk


Thanks Mark for this report.



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