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FKK in Rovinj
Accommodation in Rovinj and Vrsar

Rovinj naturist guide (part of Croatia Naturally web site)

3 resorts in 1 report: Valalta, Monsena & Koversada
by Thomas from Austria

Click HERE for German version / Die Deutsche Version HIER


Comparing the three resorts, Valalta is surely the best maintained but also the most expensive one. Valalta has the most varied beaches, a large marina, mini golf, a large swimming pool, sauna and dance music in the swimming pool area (if music disturbs you, you should book closer to the bungalows area entrance).
For shopping in the supermarket you have to put on some clothes (btw. supermarket is air-conditioned and quite down-cooled), and in restaurants everyone is naked, but many sit either on a towel, or cover themselves with one. However, in the restaurant, in which they serve breakfast and dinner (half-board), you always have to be clothed. Valalta has its own brewery and their beer is very popular. There are different smaller restaurants, a fish restaurant, pizzeria, grill etc....
Beside the bungalows there is an extensive camping site.... At the arrival you'll be comfortably transported (including luggage) with an electric road vehicle to the bungalow.
The guests are mostly families, in the summer also with children. Many of them spend their vacation already 30 years there.
For the warm water at the camping site (showers etc.) one must buy jetons... Otherwise, the resort is very clean and very well maintained. A lot of roofed car parking lots are available.
What bothers me a little bit is that there are very few places with shade where you can lay down and enjoy under the trees.
From Valalta one can take a marvelous sail with its boat or inflatable dinghy into the Limfjord or to Koversada or Monsena, or to Crveni Otok (The Red Island) which also has a naturist beach.
Food in Valalta is very good, also in the big restaurant where, for relatively small surcharge, half-board is available. Directly at the beach there is a grill and also two volleyball fields.
Valalta is a very good and very family oriented resort.


Important: As of 2005 Monsena is no longer naturist resort!

Monsena is visited more by younger people, the area is more naturally preserved, and beside families many single travelers are to be found there, also gays have their part of the beach.
There is a small harbor with different water sport facilities: wind surfing, jet skiing, banana, parasailing, boat rental etc.... everything in the nude.
In the restaurant area one can sit naked. There are also small shops where people usually enter with some clothes on.
The apartments are particularly beautifully settled. Majority of them have a view on the medieval small town of Rovinj, which is only 5 minutes driving from Monsena. In the town, there are numerous good restaurants (those hidden and with fewer tourists are the best) and a great open air market with daily fresh fruit, vegetable, cheese etc.
When it comes to entertainment, Monsena has two dance floors with music and animation. In the breakfast restaurant you can't go naked. Breakfast is relatively expensive, about 20 DM/ $US 9, for not too much food (Valalta is favorable when it comes to food). I have sailed often with my inflatable boat to Valata, to eat over there...
The most beautiful bungalows are booked early. If you don't care about heaving them, you don't have to make reservations because something is always available. The best time is July/August, when people of different ages come. On weekends many locals from Pula and surroundings come for swimming and sunbathing. There is also a tennis field, a volleyball field, beach chess etc....
Monsena is situated directly beside Rovinj, so many excursion boats heading Limfjord (Lim channel), with loud music on board, are passing by... also many water jet skis are driving up and down, so it can be sometimes irritating for those who seek peace and quite at the beach.
What I like specially about this resort is that there is a lot of pine trees to provide shade for a nice nap, specially around midday. From a hedonistic point of view, Monsena is surely the most friendly resort, as long as you don't provoke others.


Of the three naturist resorts, Koversada is the largest and Italians are the most represented guests. People there are of mixed ages only during the peak of the season, otherwise usually older guests. It is actually the calmest resort.
There is a small island, which is attainable over a bridge, where, between the pine trees, one can stay only in tents. In the other part of the resort there are apartments and villas. The resort has tennis courts, a boccie course etc., however rather fewer sport facilities than the other two resorts. In the restaurant at the beach everyone sits naked.
Koversada is situated directly at the Limfjord (Lim channel), opposite Valalta. In the Limfjord there are many fish restaurants. Because Koversada is situated north of the Limfjorde, not as many excursion ships with loud music on board are passing by, as in Monsena and Valata, which makes Koversada the calmest Camp. In the evening many guests sail from Koversada with their boats or inflatable boats to Valalta, because one can eat there very well.

The summary

Valalta = the most beautiful and the cleanest resort, also the most expensive, but very good meals in different restaurants, also very good half-board and rich breakfast, large supermarket, good beer, large marina, large and beautiful swimming pool. Music and dancing 'till 23 o'clock, then peace, roofed parking lots, beachvolley, diver center...
Monsena = very popular among younger people, very low-priced, proximity to Rovinj, many water sport facilites, small harbor, boat rental, view of Rovinj, lots of shade under pine trees, long walking paths along the beach up to lonelier places...
Koversada = largest resort, very calm, altogether rather for a peaceful and laid back vacation, many Italian guests...


Thanks Thomas for this report.


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